The Value of Yarn and Hand-Work

posted 8 04 2016 in Portfolio

​ A series of videos produced for the Craft Yarn Council (CYC) over approximately 18 years, including: the annual CYC presentation to the Craft & Hobby Association to educate retail executives about the value of knitting and crochet to the consumer, and in turn, the value of the yarn business to retail stores; capturing and promoting the passionate energy of the knit/crochet community expressed at annual “Knit Out” events, involving people of all ages and backgrounds in individual and collective celebration; promotion of knitting and crochet as a multi-disciplinary educational opportunity for schools, community building, charity outreach, and for the intergenerational continuum of generating interest in “hand-work.” Created a series of video shorts to assist in the launch of the CYC Health Initiative, introducing the science-based effects of therapeutic knitting and crochet to media, public, and corporate retail audiences.