About Us


LASCH MEDIA is not a basic point-and-shoot operation. Each phase of production is guided by the goal of delivering impactful messaging. Using primarily a documentary approach, LMP is noted for its depth and wealth of interviews – featuring original voices, perceptive thoughts, and visceral responses. Real issues, real people – from CEO’s to the homeless – including adults and children.

LMP principles are well experienced in all aspects of production, and have worked in association with television companies including: ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, FOX, PBS, and numerous other international and regional broadcasting and cable organizations.


LASCH MEDIA recognizes that the completion of the video is just the beginning of its mission. It’s not just about creating content, but delivering the message, to the right audience, in a manner that is relevant to that audience and will be heard in a manner that inspires a commitment to act on behalf of the cause.

Primary distribution consists of web content, television, public events and private forum presentations.  Secondary distribution includes school and library markets. Companion print materials as well as exhibition and event production are also available for select projects.


LASCH MEDIA principles also work collaboratively with other production companies, whether in pre-production (creative development, scripting), production (supplying crew, directing, conducting interviews), or post-production (editing, distribution, marketing, exhibitions, events). LMP works within an existing outreach program or in developing an innovative and original approach.